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Disingenuous White Liberals Face Public Schools Dilemma

Dean Rohrer/NewsArt

Dean Rohrer/NewsArt

By Hunter Wallace

In metro Atlanta, disingenuous White liberals in DeKalb County face the dilemma of wanting a “diverse” education for their children, but don’t want to send their children to a public school that is too black, even though the feds have a new report that says it will be OK:

“The same people who were questioning the school I picked for my girls and starting their own charter school, wanted to talk to me about the This American Life Podcast about segregated schools. They wanted to talk to me about things I already knew. Our schools are more segregated than they have ever been. Our educational system is deeply inequitable. Things are only getting worse. They shook their concerned liberal heads in sadness wondering what they could do. Then they made sure their child got into the very white, pretty affluent charter school that is not representative of their neighborhood. When one didn’t exist, they took their resources and began creating one.

When I am able to move past the anger, the frustration that people are talking about a school they know nothing about, I listen to what they say. Behind all the test score talk, the opportunity mumbo jumbo that people lead with, I feel like what is actually being said, and what is never being said is this: That school is too black. …”

Abby Norman can’t figure out why her White neighbors don’t want to send their children to the local failing public school where her poor White daughter is the only White kid in her class. She probably heard on NPR that her daughter would benefit from attending an overwhelmingly black school or that sending her there wouldn’t hurt her academic performance.

The story has a thousand comments mostly by progressives who explain to Abby that the welfare of their own children is where they draw the line and put aside their own ideology.