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GOP Plans To Save Detroit


By Hunter Wallace

Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan has swallowed so much of the “we are a nation of immigrants” and “diversity is our strength” koolaid that he is convinced that he can rebuild Detroit with Syrian refugees:

“Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican, is upset about the number of immigrants in his state—in his estimation there are far too few of them. In contrast with Republican politicians who want to rein in president Obama’s executive actions on immigration, the governor asked the Obama Administration early last year to use its executive powers to designate 50,000 extra visas to the Detroit metro area for high-skilled immigrants. Citing population loss and the need to jumpstart the Motor City economically (Detroit had just filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy), Snyder—a former CEO for Gateway Computer and head of a venture capitalist firm—called on his state to “embrace immigration. …”

It is unbelievably stupid, but also a tacit admission that the present black majority is incapable of turning the city around after decades of talk by the media that Detroit is in the midst of a “comeback.”