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MLK Monument To Be Erected On Stone Mountain


By Hunter Wallace

In South Carolina, the first step toward removing the Confederate Battle Flag from the Statehouse dome was to reach a “compromise” to erect a black history monument while relocating the flag to the soldiers’ monument. In Stone Mountain, the first step will be to erect this MLK monument, which will be followed in time by a renewed push for the destruction of the Confederate memorial there:

“The Georgia chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans said Monday a proposal to honor the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on top of Stone Mountain could warrant legal action as “a possible violation of the law which established the Stone Mountain Memorial Association and charged it with promoting the mountain as a Confederate memorial …”

Gov. Nathan Deal is responsible for removing the Tom Watson statue from the grounds of the Georgia State Capitol and replacing it with a statue of MLK. As in South Carolina, Republicans have unified control of Georgia’s state government, but have only used their power to attack Confederate heritage and reward the powerful business interests that have long pushed for such changes.