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No More Echoes


By Earl P. Holt III

(This is a revision of an article that first appeared on the American Renaissance website.)

There is a war being waged for the soul of the Republican Party: It consists of a loose alliance of Tea Party groups and traditional conservatives, who are desperately attempting to wrest control of the Republican Party from the politically-moderate businessmen who have misguided the G.O.P. to its detriment for many decades.

Just as Clemenceau warned that “War is too important to be left to the generals,” America’s ideological battle to rescue Western Civilization from the onslaught of our Marxist foes is too important to be left to businessmen.

Since avoiding controversy seems to be an almost universal concern among businessmen — so bad publicity won’t translate into lowered profits – they are extremely vulnerable to manipulation by the left and its endless public relations firms within the Corrupt Leftist Media.

Hence, there are few people on Earth more ill-suited to battle America’s left than are businessmen: Even worse, the latter often demonstrate a gross naivete about whom their real enemies are, while appearing equally confused about how to engage them, let alone defeat them.


While it is a truism that “those who pay the piper get to call the tune,” ironically, the influence of a wealthy Republican “Donor Class” has actually worked to prevent the crafting of a sound and intelligent Republican message with broad appeal.

Most Republican businessmen fail to recognize that surviving the ideological assaults of the left requires that we engage the enemy on many fronts beyond narrow and esoteric tax policy or public finance issues. Their shortsightedness has prevented the GOP from crafting a message attractive to most average Americans, particularly those who call themselves “Independents.”

Indeed, the politically “tone-deaf” nature of Republican corporate contributors has often helped surrender the reins of government to its entrenched enemies by eschewing many powerfully compelling “social” issues upon which we can handily win.

This lack of enthusiasm for social issues seems to define most “moderate” and “Establishment” Republican businessmen, who seem to be particularly contemptuous of the Paleoconservatives who have always preached the need to engage our Marxist enemies on every front.

Yet, the forced integration of schools and neighborhoods, the pervasive nature of black violent crime, our “tsunami” of legal and illegal immigrants, and so-called “Affirmative-Action” in hiring and admissions play a far greater and more direct role in the lives of most Americans than do changes in Estate Tax rates, interest payments on the National Debt, or even Marginal Income Tax rates.


Marxism’s war against the West clearly involves a great deal more than mere economic issues: While Marxists are endlessly at work subverting our economic system, they are equally intent upon destroying every historical and cultural tradition, as well as every institution, principle and value cherished in the West.

Since many “social” issues are not amenable to the kinds of cost-benefit analyses in which businessmen shine, businessmen often find themselves disarmed when confronted with these non-economic issues, and tend to reveal a certain “tone-deaf” quality when addressing them.

This fact was illustrated when the “brain-trust” at Cracker Barrel stores responded to the “Duck Dynasty” controversy by immediately removing many Phil Robertson-endorsed items from their shelves, in response to the predictable and orchestrated outcry against Robertson from various homosexual groups and their PR firms in the Corrupt Leftist Media.

How any business could so badly misperceive both the sentiments and tastes of their own customer base is hard to imagine: In any event, an enormous public backlash forced Cracker Barrel to reverse itself within a couple of days, and obligingly return these same items to their shelves for sale.

To have offended its customer base by initially caving to the demands of a tiny, loud and militant minority — totally at odds with the values of most patrons – SHOULD HAVE BEEN humiliating to the officials at Cracker-Barrel, and a wake-up call to corporate America.

Moreover, this outcry against Cracker Barrel’s cowardice is only partly due to the popularity of the television series: It also reflects public outrage at the chutzpah of sodomite organizations who seem to have no difficulty forcing their political agenda upon the vast majority of unsympathetic Americans.


When Corporate CEOs are not obediently queuing up to support horribly destructive public policies — such as “ObamaCare,” queer marriage, “Affirmative-Action” or open borders — they can usually be found cowering silently in their plush corporate boardrooms, or else busily lobbying their mortal enemies for special legislative favors.

I am old enough to recall very clearly how most high-profile GOP businessmen preferred Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush to that “controversial” and “extremist” candidate, Ronald Reagan, the man who won 94 states and the Cold War, while creating 22 million new jobs.

In fact, in his quest to win the Cold War, some of President Reagan’s most entrenched adversaries were “Republican” businessmen addicted to Soviet trade – even high technology trade – who knew perfectly well they were helping to subsidize the Soviet war machine.

The latter had grown accustomed to our wrong-headed American trade policy with the Soviets, which, by the late 1970s brought us hauntingly close to effectuating Lenin’s vow to “hang the capitalists with the very rope they sell us…”

Similarly, GOP businessmen are the same people who wrongly and relentlessly tried to convince Reagan to jettison his pro-life stance, and the same people who convinced George W. Bush to support amnesty for 30 million illegal aliens.

It is not surprising that these same individuals currently prefer a quisling like Jeb Bush to more independent-minded candidates such as Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, just as they earlier preferred Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, John McCain, and those other Bush-family collaborators in their long tradition of backing losers.

They are the same bunch who now counsel Republican office-holders to support amnesty for what are now 40 million (!) illegal aliens.


Most Republican businessmen who dabble in politics would probably be surprised to learn that by giving preeminence to economic issues, they have actually adopted a Marxian concept!

By giving primacy to economic issues at the expense of all other values, ironically, American businessmen have unwittingly joined their collectivist enemies in adopting the Marxist doctrine of “Economic Determinism.”

A Republican Party consisting of businessmen preoccupied with economic issues at the expense of all other values will remain a minority party forever, and will continue to lose national elections until it finally disappears into the ash-bin of history like the Whig Party before it.

One fact is certain, however: Without the efforts of Paleoconservatives and Tea Party and other Patriot Groups, there would be no opposition whatsoever to the Cultural Marxists and their allies within the Obama Administration, in their ongoing efforts to destroy the very fabric of our political and cultural traditions.

Certainly there is little or no opposition to Obama and his Marxist allies from the Republican “Donor Class,” who have been cautiously hiding in the tall grass for seven years, where they can usually be found during periods of controversy.