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The U.S. Is Exporting Air To Asia


By Hunter Wallace

Heading into the 2016 election cycle, the polls consistently show that the economy is the top issue on the minds of voters. More than anything else, Americans are worried about their jobs and the decline of the middle class.

Why are there so few jobs?

“One of the fastest-growing U.S. exports right now is air.

Shipments of empty containers out of the U.S. are surging this year, highlighting the impact the economic slowdown in China is having on U.S. exporters. The U.S. imports more from China than it sends back, but certain American industries—including those that supply scrap metal and wastepaper—feed China’s industrial production. …”

Do you see how this works?

We export thin air, scrap metal, waste paper and agricultural products to East Asia. They export back to us almost everything you can buy in Wal-Mart except the food. We print money and go into debt in order to pay for it. They run enormous trade surpluses, lend us our money back, and we pay them interest.