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Baltimore Reaches Highest Per Capita Murder Rate Ever


By Hunter Wallace

The latest news out of Baltimore is grim: rocketing even past the most violent years of the early 1990s, the city has reached its highest per capita murder rate of all time

“Baltimore isn’t just back to 1990s-level homicide rates. It has surpassed them — and with a month and a half to go before the year’s end.

Given the city’s smaller population today, and the stack of killings that occurred in recent days, 2015 has officially become the deadliest year, per capita, in Baltimore history. …

The #BlackLivesMatter movement and its programme of police demoralization deserve all the credit for the tremendous toll this sharp uptick in black crime is taking on Baltimore. I’m afraid to report that “White racists” have nothing to do with it.

Note: For more on Baltimore, check out Paul Kersey’s book “The City That Bleeds.”