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Flash Mob Hits Georgetown


By Hunter Wallace

As I have mentioned several times here now, DC has been experiencing a sharp uptick in the wonders of diversity:

“A large group of juveniles robbed a designer store in Georgetown Tuesday evening and stole $13,000 worth of items, according to D.C. Police.

The incident happened just before 6 p.m. at the Diesel store in the 3000 block of M Street NW. More than 20 people, police said, went into the store and grabbed several items off the racks, according to a police report. They stole four leather jackets, costing about $800, and an additional $12,000 worth of merchandise.

One person who worked at the store was said to have been pushed from him behind by someone in the crowd. The employee was not injured, according to police. Police described the suspects only as juveniles. …”

I’m going to do something out of character and tip my hat to these youths and congratulate them on their success in this daring enterprise. It could have some educational value for DC residents.