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UN Demands Refugee Flow Continue


By Hunter Wallace

Here we have another globalist institution forcing a disaster on the United States and other European countries:

“Geneva (AFP) – The United Nations on Tuesday urged states not to “backtrack” on pledges made to host migrants and refugees, including from Syria, in the wake of the attacks in Paris.

Multiple UN agencies issued a warning to European leaders who might use the tragedy to advance anti-migrant policies, stressing that many of those seeking refuge in Europe have also been the victims of extremists.

Of the estimated 1.1 million migrants who have landed in Europe via the Mediterranean since 2013, less than six “have raised questions in terms of possible links to extremism,” said International Organization for Migration spokesman Joel Millman. …”

Why aren’t any of the Republican candidates advocating getting rid of the UN, WTO, IMF or NATO? It is hard to get excited when Trump says he is going to take on China by filing a WTO complaint. No one running for president is really challenging the globalist status quo.

Note: Don’t be fooled by the Republican governors who are now grandstanding on refugee resettlement. See also the Republican senators. Where have they been for the last thirty years?