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MSNBC: Non-whites overwhelmingly approve of Muslim immigration moratorium

by Colin Evander

The media keeps telling us that Trump is a “racist” on immigration. Yet poll after poll show that some non-whites support his views on immigration even more than white people. It is only among whites that you have large support for extreme egalitarianism.

When asked if Trump went to far when he called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, 87% of Latinos, 88% of “other,” and 96% of blacks answered “no.”

Among white people, 69% answered “no.” Overall, 76% of Americans answered “no.” Trump’s overall support has increased since making the comments.

Despite a relentless national media onslaught against Trump, his statements on Muslim immigration have made him more popular than ever. Bloomberg is reporting that two thirds of Republicans support a ban on Muslim immigration, and nearly 40% of Republicans say Trump’s comments will make them more likely to vote for him in the primary.

For nearly a decade this website has told you that black Americans are opposed to immigration at even higher percentages than white Americans. Despite being called “racist” in the media, Trump may very well have the largest amount of black support of any Republican presidential candidate in over twenty years.

The extreme far-left SPLC released a statement saying Trump’s comment on Muslim immigration are “mainstreaming of hate and extremism.” It sounds like Trump is just advocating mainstream views.