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Nation Front could rule 6 out of 13 French administrative regions.

by René Blaise (French Contributor)

France has begun it’s two part elections for it’s administrative districts. France currently has 21 administrative districts in mainland France and Corsica. That number will be reduced to 13 starting in January 2016. There are also five small overseas territories.

Front National was the top party in the first round of the election and could end up ruling 6 out of the 13 administrative regions. Front National took 28.5% of all votes. The moderate Les Republicans, formerly known as Union for a Popular Movement, took 27%. The far-left Socialist Party took 23.5%. The far-left Greens and a hardline Marxist party took a combined 10%. Combined the three left-wing parties only took 33.5%.

Six years ago, the Front National took 11.5% in the same election. The Socialist Party and the smaller far-left parties took a combined 47%.

Both the left and the center lost ground, while the Front National surged. Front National performed especially strong in the northwest and the south. They took over 40% of the vote in two regions. The second round of voting starts next weekend.