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New Orleans City Council Votes To Remove Confederate Statues


By Hunter Wallace

In a move that shocked no one who followed what happened in Memphis, Selma, and Birmingham, the majority black New Orleans City Council has voted to declare the Confederate monuments in Lee Circle a “public nuisance” and have them removed:

“The New Orleans City Council voted 6 to 1 to remove four Confederate monuments after a heated monthslong debate, declaring the Civil War-era statues and an obelisk to be “public nuisances.”

Mayor Mitch Landrieu called for the monuments’ removal this summer.

“We, the people of New Orleans, have the power and we have the right to correct these historical wrongs,” Mr. Landrieu said before the council vote. He suggested the monuments be placed in a museum or Civil War park. …”

The city is expected to emerge from this controversy slightly more blighted and polarized than it was before.

New Orleans, Birmingham and Memphis have the honor of being three of the most violent cities in the United States. The government of all three cities is controlled by black majorities that prefers to tolerate the murder of young black children in drive-by shootings and gang warfare which is an everyday occurrence there.

Just last month, 17 people including teenagers and young children were shot on a playground during a block party in New Orleans. These mass shootings are now so common in New Orleans that it is no longer considered newsworthy in the rest of the country.