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Politico: Why Obama Must Reach Out To Angry Whites


By Hunter Wallace

Over at Politico, Issac Bailey wants Obama to go on a national tour to listen to our grievances because Trump’s poll numbers are still so high:

“For all the bad feelings that Donald Trump’s naked religious bigotry and race baiting are conjuring up, they are also providing our nation with an opportunity. The ugly rhetoric just might force the country to finally contend with a problem many don’t even want to acknowledge exists: that we are fast becoming a nation in which minorities make up a majority of the population. As a result, tens of millions of white Americans, accustomed for so long to having all the benefits of being the majority, are scared out of their minds—and it is this fear that Trump is exploiting so effectively. These feelings are emerging not because whites are all racists, but because they don’t know what that might mean for them and their children.

As long as angry, scared white Americans follow Trump and his rhetoric, the racial divide in America will only deepen, and it will become increasingly difficult to solve the nation’s most pressing problems. So the question becomes: Who can counter Donald Trump? …

Reaching out directly to those who express hatred for him is the kind of powerful symbolism that can break through a divide that cannot be healed by reciting statistics, will not be moved by stirring sermons and won’t disappear because enough of us wish it away.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that we have probably heard enough from Obama over the past seven years. Whenever he starts to give a speech, it is always good time to change the channel. There isn’t anything he could say that would change our opinion of him. Even if he went on such a national listening tour, we only have to put up with him for another year – so why would anyone show up?

Is it because he is black? That’s a comforting illusion for many on the Left, but actually has little to do with it. The revolt that Trump is leading in the Republican presidential primary is against ¡Jeb! and the GOP establishment, not Obama, who has hewed to more or less the same policies as W. on trade, immigration, political correctness, campaign finance and foreign policy. Does anyone doubt that most of Trump’s supporters will oppose Hillary with the same ferocity that they opposed Obama?

Hillary or ¡Jeb! will continue the policies of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama – open borders, multiculturalism, free-trade, political correctness, endless wars, the bubble economy, etc. The only real point of difference is that Obama and Hillary are more inclined to confiscate guns than the mainstream Republicans. Otherwise, the rivalry between Democrats and Republicans is on the same level as Pepsi vs. Coke.

In 2016, there will likely be many, many more “Angry White Men” columns like this one as the Trump Trains runs over the Republican establishment candidates in the primaries.