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SPLC admits it has no proof after pushing outrageous claims about Dothan, AL police

Posted by Colin Evander

On December 2nd, the Southern Poverty Law Center began promoting a story that over twelve Dothan, AL cops have been planting drugs on black men for years. By the next day, major media outlets were denouncing the story as fake.

The SPLC, which has a staff of over 75 people and budget of over $25 million a year, was forced to admit that the had zero evidence that the story was story. The SPLC failed to do even the most rudimentary fact checking before blasting the fake story out on their website and twitter accounts.

Now the SPLC has deleted multiple statements on twitter. It appears that the notorious SPLC “Hatewatch Blog” is still hyping the story as being true as of 10:00 AM December 4th. This is actually the second big SPLC scandal in three months that involves fake allegations against police. The SPLC sued the Polk County Sheriff’s department and was then ordered to reimburse the department $130k in legal expenses. The judge found that their case had no merit.


“Leaked documents reveal Dothan, Ala., police planted drugs on young black men for years.” Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] December 2nd, 2015

Left-wing websites have been buzzing about a claim that over twelve Dothan, AL police officers framed innocent black men. The officers allegedly planted drugs on innocent black victims for years.  Most cited the SPLC as their source. The SPLC pushed the allegation on their website and on their twitter account.

Now the SPLC has been forced to admit that their accusations are totally without merit. The websites of the Montgomery Advertiser, Dothan Eagle, Washington Post, and have all blasted the SPLC for spreading a hoax! A humiliated SPLC spokesman confessed to reporters that they have not seen the alleged documents and that “we have no information to substantiate … claims.”

SPLC employees immediately scrubbed a bunch of odious tweets that pushed the false claims. However, currently the SPLC website still contains a statement saying that the fake story is true.

Last October a Florida judge ordered the SPLC to pay $130k to the Polk County Sheriff’s Department for filing a frivolous lawsuit. The Judge slammed the SPLC writing that the group used ““untrue, heightened, and emotional language . . . to conceal their lack of a case.”