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The Great Republican Revolt


By Hunter Wallace

In The Atlantic, David Frum has written a fairly good analysis of why Conservatism, Inc. just doesn’t get it:

“The angriest and most pessimistic people in America aren’t the hipster protesters who flitted in and out of Occupy Wall Street. They aren’t the hashtavists of #BlackLivesMatter. They aren’t the remnants of the American labor movement or the savvy young dreamers who confront politicians with their American accents and un-American legal status.

The angriest and most pessimistic people in America are the people we used to call Middle Americans. Middle-class and middle-aged; not rich and not poor; people who are irked when asked to press 1 for English, and who wonder how white male became an accusation rather than a description. …”

I agree.

If the GOP elite is going to continue cucking the conservative base in the 21st century, at a bare minimum it is going to have to concede the immigration issue as Ted Cruz has done. Frum is also right that Mitt Romney’s position on immigration – which he “pivoted” away from in the general election – is also the only reason he performed as well as he did in the primary and with White voters in the 2012 election.