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Rampaging Barbarian Horde Sexually Assaults Women In Cologne on New Year’s Eve


By Hunter Wallace

Behold the bitter fruit of mass immigration, refugee resettlement, mass immigration and political correctness as it flowered in Germany on New Year’s Eve:

“BERLIN — The tensions simmering beneath Germany’s willingness to take in one million migrants blew into the open on Tuesday after reports that scores of young women in Cologne had been groped and robbed on New Year’s Eve by gangs of men described by the authorities as having “a North African or Arabic” appearance.

The German authorities expressed outrage at the attacks and called them unprecedented in scale and nature, saying hundreds of young men appeared to have participated.

It was not clear that any of the men involved were recent arrivals to Germany over the last year from conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Africa and elsewhere. …

“Nobody knew where to go,” Sascha Frohn, who said he was in the station on Thursday, told the public broadcaster WDR. “We stood with our backs to the wall and could see how people were robbed and German girls were groped. I was surrounded by a group of 50 to 60 people from Arabic countries. They would come up to us, shake hands and then try to reach into our bags.”

As we saw in Paris, this kind of incident is a feature of liberal democracy. It was only made possible by the foolishness of generations of liberal politicians and policymakers in Germany and other European countries who imported and cultivated large Third World populations while demonizing and criminalizing all opposition as “racism.”

Note: This is a scene that could have been in Trump’s first television ad.