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Ted Cruz Celebrates Martin Luther King Day


By Hunter Wallace

Read the whole thing:

“There are moments in our national history that have called Americans to bend the arc of history towards justice. Each moment has required exceptional leadership. Today, we commemorate one such leader who illuminated our nation by his courage and dedication to the truth.

Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. understood the American potential more fully than it was actualized at the time. He challenged the distorted conventional acceptance of a “separate but equal” citizenry.

Instead, he drew upon that promise of our founding that every person is “endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.” Reverend King reminded communities across the country that we have a duty to rectify the original sin of our nation and to respect the “dignity and worth of all human personality.” …”

Amazing, we are being lectured by a Cuban born in Canada about “the original sin of our nation.”