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The FBI Didn’t Investigate The CofCC Over Charleston


By Hunter Wallace

Check this out:

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it did not investigate the hate group that inspired Dylann Roof to kill nine black parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina last year.

FBI spokeswoman Jillian Stickels told The Daily Beast that there is no record of an investigation into the Council of Conservative Citizens. This comes after The Daily Beast requested FBI files on the group through the Freedom of Information Act. The FBI did not respond to requests for files on the CCC’s most prominent leaders.

The FOIA request also covered one week following the June 17, 2015 attack, indicating that the FBI wasn’t looking into the group even after it was revealed that Roof cited the CCC in his manifesto. …”

According to the SPLC and the mainstream media, the CofCC “inspired” Dylann Roof’s attack in Charleston, but the FBI knew all along that the alleged “links” were bogus and that our group had nothing to do with Roof’s actions.

We said all along that Dylann Roof was 1.) never a member of the CofCC, 2.) never made contact with anyone we know in the real world, 3.) and that we had never heard of him until he was connected with Charleston on television. It was also clear to us that the investigators assigned to the case must have believed the same thing because we were never contacted by anyone affiliated with law enforcement.

Like the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie or the demise of Obama’s son Trayvon Martin, the truth was bound to come out at some point.