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Trump’s Nomination Would “Rip The Heart Out” of the GOP


By Hunter Wallace

Michael Gerson, W.’s chief speechwriter who created the “Axis of Evil,” the Iraqi WMD panic, and the phrase “the soft bigotry of low expectations” to defend No Child Left Behind, who has spent twenty years fighting for “social justice” in the Republican Party is worried that Trump would break the GOP into pieces:

“It is this universality that Trump attacks. All of his angry resentment against invading Hispanics and Muslims adds up to a kind of ethno-nationalism — an assertion that the United States is being weakened and adulterated by the other. This is consistent with European, right-wing, anti-immigrant populism. …

Trump, in some ways, is an odd carrier of ethno-nationalist beliefs. He held few of them, as far as I can tell, just four years ago. But as a demagogue, he has followed some of America’s worst instincts wherever they have led, and fed ethnic and religious prejudice in the process. All presidential nominees, to some extent, shape their parties into their own image. Trump would deface the GOP beyond recognition.

Trump is disqualified for the presidency by his erratic temperament, his ignorance about public affairs and his scary sympathy for authoritarianism. But for me, and I suspect for many, the largest problem is that Trump would make the GOP the party of racial and religious exclusion. …

Ultimately, these political matters are quite personal. I have spent 25 years in the company of compassionate conservatives, reform conservatives, Sam’s Club conservatives or whatever they want to call themselves, trying to advance an agenda of social justice in America’s center-right party. We have shared a belief that sound public policy — promoting opportunity, along with the skills and values necessary to grasp it — can improve the lives of our fellow citizens and thus make politics an honorable adventure.

The nomination of Trump would reduce Republican politics — at the presidential level — to an enterprise of squalid prejudice. And many Republicans could not follow, precisely because they are Republicans. By seizing the GOP, Trump would break it to pieces.”

Of course it is the limp-wristed hysterics of penny-loafered cuckservatives like George Will, Rod Dreher, Glenn Beck, and Michael Gerson – all of whom wear the same style of glasses – who are the strongest argument for voting for Trump in the primaries precisely in order to “deface the GOP beyond recognition.”

Note: Gerson explicitly advocates the creation of a third party for establishment cuckservatives to help elect Hillary!