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Obama says radical anti-Gay mosque is “all America.” Left-wing silent.

Posted by Colin Evander

Today Obama visited a Baltimore Mosque and met with Imam Yaseen Shaikh. Shaikh is on video denouncing all homosexuals as “immoral,” “despised,” and “disgusting.” He even attacks what he calls “progressive Muslims” for being tolerant of homosexuality. He suggests that alleged Muslim who are tolerant of homosexuality may not actually be real Muslims at all.

The media and the left-wing routinely demonize many conservatives for not supporting state sanctioned homosexual marriage. The left-wing once launched a massive nationwide boycott of Chick-fil-a. All because a tiny percentage of the total money donated by the CEO of the company went to political groups that, among many other things, oppose state sanctioned homosexual marriage. However, they are all dead silent about Obama embracing a Muslim leader known for denouncing all homosexuals in general.

The Baltimore Mosque is best known for it’s former leader Imam Mohamad Adam el-Sheikh. He led the mosque for 18 years and publicly condoned suicide bombings. He is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. A group that the Obama administration itself labels as “terrorist.”

During his visit, Obama told the media that the mosque is “all American.”