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Heidi Cruz co-authored report calling for the merging of the USA and Mexico

Reader E-mail:

Heidi Cruz, the wife of GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations [CFR] Task Force of the North American Community. She co-authored a report that reads like the script to a dystopian sci-fi/horror movie.

Cruz co-authored a horrifying report titled “Building a North American Community.” Click here to download the pdf file of the report straight from the CFR.

The report calls for ending US sovereignty and merging the US with Canada and Mexico. It calls for the “elimination of most controls” on the borders between US and Canada and the US and Mexico. All Mexicans, Americans, and Canadians could cross each other’s border at will. Anyone, from any other nation that enters Canada or Mexico, could also freely enter the United States.

The report calls for a Marxist style sharing of wealth and resources to even out the standard of living in Mexico, America, and Canada.

The report calls for a massive North American Development Bank called NAD Bank. It calls for a massive North American bureaucracy that would manage land and resource in all three nations. It calls for a North American wide environmental bureaucracy. It calls for a bureaucracy to oversea the development of energy resources.  It evens calls for a North American wide bureaucracy to manage tax policies.