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Radical left attacking Trump supporters all over America

by Colin Evander

During the riot in Chicago, leftists brutally attacked Trump supporters and law enforcement. Multiple police officers were injured and needed medical treatment. The rioters blocked ambulances. Then rioters actually block the emergency room entrance at Rush University Medical Center!

Rioters tried to smash through a police line to attack Trump supporters inside a parking garage. Chicago police could be heard screaming for back-up over the police scanner for several minutes.

Rioters blocked traffic and beat on cars. Rioters terrorized children and the elderly. At one point the police dispatcher called on officers to rescue an elderly woman who called 911. She was pinned down by rioters and terrified., a pro-Hillary organization funded by George Soros, pro-Sanders groups in Chicago, and Black Lives Matter all claimed responsibility for the riot. Convicted Terrorist Bill Ayers was also organizing rioters.

Anti-Trump Protesters Turning Violent All Over:

Black celebrity Chris Brown called for black mob violence at Trump Rallies.

Anti-Trump protesters turn violent in St. Louis. Dozens detained or arrested by police.

A 66 year old Trump supporter was vicious attacked by two young Latino perpetrators in Orlando, Florida.

In another part of Orlando, FL, a 44 year old woman was also attacked while putting up Trump signs.

Latino gang members threaten Trump supporter with a gun in Georgia.

A 69 year old woman in Gainsville, VA had her home vandalized.