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Is it racist to talk about crime statistics?

Is it “racist” to talk about crime statistics?

Twenty black teenagers from Baltimore rap about murdering Donald Trump

Heidi Cruz publicly called for merging the United States with Mexico


Illegal Alien alleged serial killer targeted white males

61% of all Americans say immigration is jeopardizing our future


Media is ignoring black on white crime.

Man charged with shooting two white NYPD officers is a black Muslim.

Five arrested for black on white mob killing of veteran in Hoover, AL.

Victims of black on white spree shooting. Black spree shooters barely get any media coverage compared to white spree shooters.

Jury recommends life in prison for quadruple black on white spree shooting in Tulsa, OK.

Arrests made for murder of police officer in Prince George’s County.

Perp with past criminal history gets slapped on the wrist for horrific 2012 racial hate crime attack in Mobile, AL. Sentenced to 15 years, but given “front-end diversion” instead of prison!

Spree shooter in Florida injures one and then his gun jams

Professional “Social Justice” advocate attacked in Durham, NC. Media censors race of perpetrators

White construction worker brutally attacked by mob of young black males in Charlotte, NC.