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North Carolina Is Walking Back Its Religious Freedom Bill

Gov. Pat McCrory

By Hunter Wallace

As expected, Big Fag and Big Business have made enough noise about North Carolina’s religious freedom bill that Gov. Pat McCrory has already begun to walk it back:

“RALEIGH, N. C.—Republican Gov. Pat McCrory said Tuesday that he will seek to roll back some provisions of a new state law that limits antidiscrimination protections for lesbians, gays and transgender people in an attempt to “affirm and improve” the state’s commitment to equality after weeks of protest, including some corporations dropping plans to invest in North Carolina.

But Mr. McCrory said he was standing by a “common-sense” provision of the law requiring transgender people to use the public bathroom corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate. …

There is no more reliable constant in the political universe than the subservience of TruConservative Republicans to the business community. Ultimately, the goal here is just to get credit for taking a tough stand with a token gesture bill, which the federal courts are certain to throw out. The matter will likely be forgotten after the next election.