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Bernie Bros Are Entitled White Males


By Hunter Wallace

I’ve noticed a huge uptick in hating on the Bernie Bros this week, but this article from Joan Walsh in The Nation is the worst:

“The defections of some supporters, the increased skepticism of even once-friendly cable hosts, and a rebuke by Politifact isn’t fatal to Sanders’s campaign, of course. What will be fatal to Sanders’s future as a mass-movement leader—as opposed to the messiah of an angry, heavily white, and male cult—is his continued insistence that his enemy now is not so much the corporate overlords, or income inequality, or the big banks, but a corrupt Democratic Party, epitomized by Wall Street flunkie Hillary Clinton, that has “rigged” the election to thwart him—as he raged in a tone-deaf speech Tuesday night, as cable news was showing the texted death threats to Roberta Lange in the background (which Sanders did not even mention). …

This is starting to get delusional, and dangerous to the American movement for social justice.

First of all, I don’t accept the presumption of moral and ideological superiority from a coalition that is dominated by white men, trying to overturn the will of black, brown, and female voters or somehow deem it fraudulent. There’s a growing element of male entitlement in the Sanders “movement” that supporter Sally Kohn articulates well …”

She calls the Bernie Bros an “angry, heavily white and male cult” and a “coalition that is dominated by white men.” If Joan Walsh was casually dropping “Jew” in the same dismissive tone, she would be denounced as an anti-Semite.

The Bernie Bros have no future in the Democratic Party. I’ve said from the beginning that the black block vote determines who wins the nomination. The outcome of almost every race on the Democratic side was determined by racial demographics. The vast majority of White males aren’t going to put up with this which means the Bros are doomed to never be anything more than a junior partner in the Democratic coalition.