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French/Searcy 2016


By Hunter Wallace

Bill Kristol was talking up David French of National Review running as his possible independent cuckservative candidate on Friday. I thought it was a big joke, but apparently he was serious about this trial balloon:

“Washington (CNN)Bill Kristol’s white knight independent presidential candidate is a fellow conservative writer with no national name recognition: David French.

Kristol, the editor of The Weekly Standard magazine and a leader of the conservative movement to find an alternative to likely major-party nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, confirmed to CNN Special Correspondent Jamie Gangel on Tuesday that the search has zeroed in on French.

Kristol’s focus on French was first reported by Bloomberg Politics. …”

There was a swift reaction on Twitter to Cuck French’s candidacy:

All the #NeverTrump cuckservative pundits will now be honor bound to drink and pass around the #FrenchRevolution Kool-Aid. It is extremely unlikely that David French will qualify for the debates or garner even 1 percent of the vote in November. And so, #TruConservatism will die with a whimper.

Note: The only way this can possibly get any better is David French tapping Nick Searcy for VP.