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House Republicans Ban Confederate Flag In Federal Cemeteries


By Hunter Wallace

Aren’t we lucky to have the #TruCons led by Paul Ryan in charge of the House of Representatives?

They are doing one helluva job representing us by funding Planned Parenthood, Obama’s executive amnesty and Syrian refugee resettlement program, the $1.1 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill, and now working with Democrats to ban the Confederate flag in federal cemeteries:

“The GOP-led House on Thursday morning voted to bar the Confederate battle flag from flying over some federal graveyards, with Speaker Paul Ryan and his top lieutenants joining Democrats to approve the measure despite most Republicans voting against it.

Lawmakers voted 265-159 on a Democratic amendment offered by Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) that would bar the Civil War symbol from being flown at cemeteries run by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It was the first time the House has cast a ballot on the divisive issue. …”

Now that the Confederate flag has been banned, the House can move forward with Paul Ryan’s pet cause of the moment: the great Puerto Rico bailout.

Note: Here is the roll call vote of the House Republicans who voted this morning to ban the Confederate flag.