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London Has Fallen


By Hunter Wallace

This is a milestone in the death of the West: Sadiq Khan is the first Muslim to come to power in the capital of a major Western country:

“LONDON — After a bitter and bruising race, the Labour Party’s Sadiq Khan won London’s mayoral race early Saturday and made history as the first Muslim elected to lead a major Western capital city.

The outcome is likely to resonate far beyond a change in London’s City Hall, challenging the rise of anti-Islam political rhetoric in the West and giving another powerful voice to Britain’s large Pakistani community just when the country is facing its own identity crisis.

Khan, who takes over as mayor of a city of 8.6 million that normally votes Labour, hailed his victory as the triumph of “hope over fear and unity over division,” the Associated Press reported. …”

If Trump wins in November, the mayor of London could be banned from entering the United States, and the UK parliament might ban the president of the United States from entering the UK.

We live in interesting times.