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TruCons Pass Obama’s Transgender Agenda In House of Representatives


By Hunter Wallace

If I recall correctly, a month ago on the eve of the Indiana primary we were told that no #TruConservative could ever support Obama’s transgender agenda:

“WASHINGTON—The full U.S. House of Representatives swats down a transgender measure, just hours after 43 Republicans voted for a Democratic amendment that would have forced transgender rules on all 50 states, and disqualify faith-based groups including the Salvation Army from doing business with the federal government.

Last night, 43 Republicans in the House voted for an amendment offered by Democrat Sean Maloney of New York, inserting in H.R. 5055, the Energy and Water Appropriations Act for 2017, a provision making the White House’s transgender policy part of federal law. The amendment passed 223-195 only because of these Republican defections.

Public backlash in the hours after that vote has been nationwide in scope and passionate in intensity. This morning most of those Republicans whipsawed to fall in line with their party base in opposing their own measure, joined by many moderate Democrats surprised as the fury the transgender amendment created. The amended appropriations crashed and burned on the House floor, failing by a vote of 113-305. …

They quickly walked it back this morning, but not before making a joke out of their celebrated “principles.”