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Wall Street: We’re With Her


By Hunter Wallace

Hillary was always their second choice. From the outset, Wall Street wanted a ¡Jeb! vs. Hillary showdown in the general election, or failing that a Rubio vs Hillary showdown, so that they would emerge victorious regardless of who won:

“Hillary Clinton is consolidating her support among Wall Street donors and other businesses ahead of a general-election battle with Donald Trump, winning more campaign contributions from financial-services executives in the most recent fundraising period than all other candidates combined.

The Democratic front-runner has raised $4.2 million in total from Wall Street, $344,000 of which was contributed in March alone. According to a Wall Street Journal analysis of fundraising data provided by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, the former secretary of state received 53% of the donations from Wall Street in March, up from 32% last year and 33% in January through February, as the nominating contests began.

The analysis of campaign-finance reports shows that some Wall Street donors have shifted their financial support from Republican candidates who dropped out of the race, such as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, to Mrs. Clinton in recent months.

Mr. Trump, by contrast, hasn’t garnered more than 1% of Wall Street contributions in any month through March. …”

Note: Paul Singer is ripping Trump and calling his victory “a difficult time if not a bleak time.”