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Censorship follows brutal racially motivate mob attack in Topeka, KS

injuriesPosted by Colin Evander

Lindsey Gann coaches softball for young girls in Topeka, Kansas. After a game she saw a mob of black girls attacking younger white victims.

Lindsey Gann stepped in and halted the attack. Then Gann was attacked the next day near her home. She was viciously pummeled by black adults and juveniles who were screaming anti-white racial slurs. Gann had to be rushed to the hospital. Police came, but refused to arrest any of the perpetrators. When the victim was interviewed by the media, five days after the attack, police still had not even interviewed her.

The authorities ignored the attack, and the media censored it. Here is a local media report, in which all mention of race and motive is censored.

The censorship of black on white hate crimes is getting more aggressive all the time.

From the family of the victim…

We thank you for your continued prayers for my daughter Lindsey Gann! She coaches a girls 14 and under, softball team that my granddaughter Hailey, 13, plays on in Topeka Kansas. Her husband Jeremy also coaches their sons team. On Thursday 6-09-16, several African American parents made racial comments and threatened to attack Lindsey, after she had confronted several children for hitting and bullying other younger kids, including hitting my granddaughter in the chest! A League official present, commended Lindsey for how well she handled the incident. All appeared resolved! Friday night, at least 1 adult female and three juveniles, viciously stalked, ambushed, and attacked her in the parking lot of the Hudson School, at Dornwood Park, as approximately 25 others cheered them on and yelled racial slurs! After the adult slammed her in her truck door, the others drug her around by the hair, and bashed her head on the truck repeatedly! Police arrived and detained several individuals. Unknown at this time if any arrests were made. Lindsey was transported to the hospital by ambulance. Jeremy was unable to help her as he was confronted by the crowd and another male! Video camera footage from the parking lot camera on the school is being sought, as is legal representation! The entire family has been traumatized! Lindsey is unable to get out of bed without help, and remains in agonizing pain! She has screws in her neck from a previous auto accident, and needs immediate medical follow-up and treatment! The family has no health insurance as Jeremy had recently started his own Electrical Contacting business! The family is afraid to remain in their home, and needs to re-locate. My daughter has always embraced every child and tried be be a good role model and mentor to them! This was in fact a hate crime! But I fear the City of Topeka may already be attempting to suppress and minimize the incident! Please help my daughter, Lindsey Gann! Her life matters to me! God Bless you!