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Did Muslim refugees sexually attack a five year old in Twin Falls, ID?

Guest post by Jason Holmes

Twin Falls, Idaho is a community that is being flooded with “refugees” at enormous taxpayer expense. The Refugee Center at the College of Southern Idaho processes 250+ refugees per year. The “refugees” are brought to the United States with Federal grants as part of the effort by the Federal government to transform America by transforming the electorate.

Rumors have appeared online that three Middle Eastern refugees, possibly Syrians, attacked a five year old girl in an apartment complex. Some websites are alleging a cover-up by the Twin Falls city council. A Judge has sealed records of the investigation. The public is banned from knowing the identity of the suspects and the specific nature of the crime.

However,  County Prosecutor Grant Loebs has confirmed that three Middle Eastern juveniles are being investigated for an incident involving a five year old girl. He says he can not divulge the exact nature of the alleged crime.

KMVT Channel 11 reported on the investigation and called it a “sexual assault.”


We contacted county prosecutor Grant Loebs to obtain first-hand information about the rumors. He confirmed to us that an incident did take place at the Fawnbrook Apartment complex in Twin Falls, Idaho, on 2 June 2016 involving a five-year-old girl, a seven-year-old boy, a ten-year-old boy, and a 14-year-old boy. Loebs said that the three boys were of Middle Eastern descent, but they were not Syrian and he had no information indicating they were refugees.

Because the case is still being investigated and involves minors, Loebs was unable to disclose many of its details.

Loebs told us there was no indication a knife was involved in the incident, and that no one was “raped” or murdered (although contact of a sensitive nature allegedly occurred). Moreover, he stated that the investigation was a police matter, not one involving the local city council (which has no jurisdiction in criminal cases).