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Foreign Policy: It’s Time For The Elites To Rise Up Against The Ignorant Masses


By Hunter Wallace

The globalists are used to getting their way:

“Mainstream parties of the left and right may increasingly combine forces to keep out the nationalists. This has already happened in Sweden, where a right-of-center party serves as the minority partner to the left-of-center government. If the Socialists in France do in fact lose the first round, they will almost certainly support the conservative Republicans against the far-right National Front.

Perhaps these informal coalitions can survive until the fever breaks. But the imperative of cohabitation could also lead to genuine realignment. That is, chunks of parties from the left and right of center could break away to form a different kind of center, defending pragmatism, meliorism, technical knowledge, and effective governance against the ideological forces gathering on both sides. It’s not hard to imagine the Republican Party in the United States — and perhaps the British Conservatives should Brexit go terribly wrong — losing control of the angry, nationalist rank and file and reconstituting themselves as the kind of Main Street, pro-business parties they were a generation ago, before their ideological zeal led them into a blind alley. That may be their only alternative to irrelevance. …

Perhaps politics will realign itself around the axis of globalization, with the fist-shakers on one side and the pragmatists on the other. The nationalists would win the loyalty of working-class and middle-class whites who see themselves as the defenders of sovereignty. The reformed center would include the beneficiaries of globalization and the poor and non-white and marginal citizens who recognize that the celebration of national identity excludes them. …”

This is pretty much what I expect to happen in November.

I believe Alpha Cucks like George Will will vote for Hillary and throw in their lot with the SJW Left. In France, the Socialists and Cucks combined forces to defeat the National Front in regional elections. In Britain, David Cameron admitted in private that the Brexit vote was a gambit to stop the nationalists. Also, a Cuck-Left alliance is already in power in Sweden. Hofer narrowly lost in Austria because of this.

Hillary is with the neocons and globalists and for preserving the status quo on foreign policy. Trump has made it clear he wants an “America First” nationalist foreign policy. Usually, we don’t have a choice in this matter because the establishment candidate always wins in both parties, which are the two wings of the same globalist buzzard.

It ia terrifying to globalists that we may actually get to vote on their unpopular agenda.

Note: BTW, all their scaremongering about BREXIT and the economy is looking pretty foolish right now.