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Muslim terrorist slaughters scores of people at gay dance club in Orlando

omar-mateenThe suspect is a Muslim man named Omar Mateen. His parents are immigrants from Afghanistan. He had recently moved from New York to Port Lucia, Florida. He walked into a gay dance club and began killing people with a rifle. Police engaged in a shootout with the Jihadist. A controlled explosive was used to distract the Jihadist before police shot and killed him.

The death toll is currently at 5-, but may continue to rise. Over fifty more people were injured. One police officer was shot in the head, but a kevlar helmet saved his life.

What we know about the shooter: Parents are immigrants from Afghanistan. Was already being investigated by the FBI for Islamic extremism. Shooter is believed to have pledged allegiance to ISIS. Was a registered Democrat in Florida.

Update: He called 9/11 to pledge allegiance to ISIS.