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Shocking new hate crime attacks in Missouri and Arkansas

In Conway, AR, a white twelve year old boy was brutally beaten with brass knuckles by a 16 year old black male perp. The attacked was videotaped so the perp could brag about it to his friends. The perp, who is already a repeat offender. Has only been charged with battery. The attack looks more like attempted murder. Police say the perpetrator did not even know the victim. It was just a random hate crime.

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In Kansas City, MO, a 19 year old pregnant white female was pulled through a drive thru window while working at Wendy’s. She was brutally pummeled by three black female and male perpetrators. The beating took place in the middle of day with complete disregard for witnesses. The perpetrators allegedly became angry over a straw. Since the level of violence vastly exceeds the alleged grievance, it sounds more like a random hate crime than anything else.

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