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The Democratic Racial Divide


By Hunter Wallace

Politico Magazine has a great article this morning which explains why the Sanders’ political revolution isn’t the future of the Democratic Party:

“Donald Trump is on the verge of locking in a racial deficit within the Republican Party that GOP officials won’t overcome for at least a generation, as he systematically alienates Latinos, African-Americans and anyone worried about the powerful undercurrent of white anger on display at his rallies.

But as his racial gaffes have claimed the spotlight, far less appreciated is what has been happening in the opposing party. Democrats face their own racial split that could haunt the party well into the future if it isn’t handled properly now.

Though it might offend his uber-progressive supporters to hear this, the Sanders insurgency is largely a white revolution. All the talk about Sanders representing the future of the Democratic Party because of his overwhelming popularity among young people leaves out an important caveat: He couldn’t persuade minority voters to sign on. …

Nate Silver at has shown that Clinton’s victories look much more like the Democratic Party—which, with a projected 54 percent white vote this year, will be majority-minority long before the country is—than do Sanders’ wins. Even in Sanders’ upset in Michigan, pundits were claiming he had made a breakthrough with black voters because he lost them only by 35 percent points. And exit polling data in Nevada that showed him edging Clinton among Hispanics is widely suspected to be wrong, given where Clinton racked up votes in that state.”

Basically, the national Democratic Party is approaching the same racial tipping point it has already reached in the Deep South: only 54 percent of Democratic voters are White. Because the black population is voting 9 to 1 for its preferred candidate and is now a majority of the Democratic electorate in so many Southern states, it can now effectively determine who wins the Democratic nomination.

Cis-het, non-Jewish White males are now a junior partner in the Democratic coalition. Regardless of their racial and ideological views, they are the demographic foil of the rest of the Democratic electorate. Whether or not they know it yet, their future in the Democratic Party is about as bright as that of Jim Webb.

94 percent of libertarians and more than 8-in-10 libertarian leaners are non-Hispanic Whites. Like the libertarians, Bernie’s progressive supporters are a minority faction of the White electorate. As the Democratic electorate becomes more non-White due to immigration, their influence over the party will decline faster than the electoral weight of White America as a whole.

The future of the Democratic Party is Hillary Clinton’s “breaking down all the barriers” message, not Bernie’s old school class-based politics.