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Trump Refuses To Bow To Political Correctness on Federal Judges


By Hunter Wallace

The cucks are outraged by Trump’s insistence that the Mexican federal judge in the Trump University case might be biased against him:

“The press loves to create racists from whole cloth. But now confronted by what is absolutely racist, the press and the Party of Lincoln will not make eye contact with it.

No, I am not talking about Donald Trump and his African American. I am talking about Donald Trump trying to get a federal judge to recuse himself from a legal case by attacking his Mexican heritage. …

These were not racially tinged or racially charged attacks.

This was racism plain and simple.

The partisan press has long muddied what is and is not racist in this country and now confronted by actual racism cannot bring itself to use the word lest it be judging Trump.

The attacks are racist. To claim that someone is unable to objectively and professional perform his job because of his race is racism.

And damn the GOP for its unwillingness to speak up on this. The leaders of the party, confronted by Todd Akin, abandoned ship for his stupid statements on rape and abortion. But the Party of Lincoln intends to circle the wagons around a racist. Damn them for that.”

The cucks want you to simultaneously believe two things:

1.) First, a person’s racial, ethnic, cultural and religious background – in this case, a Hispanic federal judge – tells you nothing of importance about that person. Instead, we are all “individuals,” and it is a heresy against TruConservatism to suggest that “individuals” in the real world are anything more than this role in which they have been cast, which is to say, “individuals” have tribal loyalties and affiliations.

2.) Second, Donald Trump is destroying the GOP because the racial, ethnic, cultural and religious affiliations of non-Whites, whether they are blacks, Hispanics, or Muslims, is of supreme importance because these groups all have a collectivist mindset and have been offended by Trump’s racist and bigoted comments. This is also true of women who have been offended as a group by Trump’s sexist remarks over the years.

A housebroken cuck expects you to know that “we are all individuals,” but at the same time we are not. If you go off that script, it makes you a racist. Meanwhile, the Left attacks Trump as a “racist” for his comments on the Mexican federal judge, but simultaneously demands that women and “people of color” be appointed to the courts precisely because their background gives them a different perspective than cisgendered White males. Trump’s list of Supreme Court picks was attacked because of its lack of “diversity.”

The Left wants you to know that Trump is the last stand of White America. They want you to know that Whites are dying out and that racial demographics determines political power in the United States. They want to talk about it on CNN and MSNBC, but if you take them at the word and start talking about it yourself that makes you a racist. From the point of view of a cuckservative, it makes you a literal Klansman.

Trump doesn’t grasp the nuance of Judge Curiel’s objectivity, people!