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13 year old female allegedly shoots elderly couple in St. Louis hate crime


Guest Post by Samuel Jacobson

A thirteen year old black female was banned from a Korean owned beauty supply store in St. Louis. She had been caught stealing. Instead of staying away from the store, she returned a couple hours later. The police were called, but the owners decided not to press charges.

Police believe the girl returned a third time with a gun and shot an elderly Korean couple. The couple, who were both seriously injured, are the parents of the owner.

The suspect has now surrendered, but she is not being name because she is under 18.

For years, Korean owned businesses in black neighborhoods have been targeted by the Black Power movement. In places, like Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, black publications and Black Power groups have agitated against Koreans. There are documented cases where thieves have cited anti-Korean rhetoric, by black leaders, as justification for robbing their businesses.

During the Baltimore riots, black gang members stood in front of black owned business and directed rioters to loot Asian owned businesses. Black celebrity Ice Cube has a history of promoting racial hatred against Koreans.