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Cosmo Setepenra Opens Fire, Six Cops Shot, Three Dead In Baton Rouge


By Hunter Wallace

Thanks to Twitter and YouTube, the world is getting an unfiltered look at the mindset of Gavin Eugene Long aka “Cosmo Setepenra.” You can even check out his three books on Amazon or visit his own personal website.

There’s not much to add here except to note that this guy is exactly what we expected him to be given the nature of the crime: ex-military, vanguardist, Nation of Islam background, Nat Turner is a hero, the world is being run by White devils who only understand money and bloodshed, highly racially conscious (he sold all his possessions to go on a spiritual quest in Africa), a militant black nationalist who was swept up in the Black Lives Matter movement mania. He was motivated by the death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge.

Cosmo here was actually in Dallas after the Micah X. shooting where he made the YouTube video below. He seems to have bounced around from Dallas to Houston to Baton Rouge. He clearly made the decision to act on his own beliefs and go out in a blaze of glory … by killing this black police officer:

He also murdered these two White police officers who will never go home to their families.

Cosmo is the black version of Glenn Miller. After watching some of these videos, I am amazed by how much they agree. It is the exact same vantardist mindset. If they weren’t separated by race, you get the feeling they would fly into each others arms.