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Crooked Hillary Cleared By FBI


By Hunter Wallace

I never thought she would:

“As I sat in my law office watching CNN’s coverage of FBI Director James Comey’s statement, where he outlined his department’s much-awaited decision regarding the Hillary Clinton email scandal and all but concluded that Clinton had broken the law but would not be indicted, his words merely confirmed what I have always known as a former prosecutor and a current criminal defense attorney: Our nation maintains a separate and unequal criminal justice system that is stratified according to wealth and power.

Now, in full disclosure, before you think that this is a Clinton-bashing article, I endorsed Clinton for president last month after it was clear that my preferred candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.), had been defeated in the Democratic primary. As such, my analysis of this issue has less to a with my personal politics and more to do with concerns I share with millions of Americans that the justice system is entirely corrupt. …”

If you or I had done something like this, we would be headed to prison. The same rules don’t apply though to elites like Hillary Clinton who have the right connections. When they break the law, everyone assumes they will get away with it, and they usually do.