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Donald Trump Picks Mike Pence For Vice President


By Hunter Wallace

Mike Pence is going to be Trump’s vice presidential running mate:

“Donald J. Trump raged at the leaked reports of his plan to choose Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, as his running mate. In public, he denied having made a “final, final decision,” and postponed a planned event to unveil his choice. In a Thursday evening phone call with top aides, he asked for reassurance that Mr. Pence was really right for the job.

In conversations late into the evening, Mr. Trump repeatedly hesitated over selecting Mr. Pence, according to people briefed on the tense deliberations, who insisted on anonymity to describe the confidential talks. Even as his emissaries reassured Mr. Pence, Mr. Trump fielded a last-ditch appeal from Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, another finalist, who once again pressed his own case.

Advisers and family members stressed over and over to Mr. Trump that he was selecting a running mate to unite the Republican Party, not a new best friend. …”

Here are five reasons why it was the right choice:

1.) The VP pick is the biggest card Trump has left to play. It is largely a symbolic office. I have always assumed that Trump would pick a “True Conservative” for a running mate.

2.) In the present contest, it would be negligent for Trump not to use the VP pick to appease the “True Conservative” faction that has been the most opposed to him in the primaries. Party unity matters more right now than making a bold statement about building a nationalist party that would make his Alt-Right fans happy.

3.) In the primaries, Trump’s biggest weakness within the Republican Party was clearly in the Midwest and Interior West, which overwhelmingly supported Ted Cruz. It is also easy to see why Trump’s brash Northeastern persona failed to resonate in states like Iowa, Utah, and Wisconsin.

4.) Trump has a big problem with certain types of White voters: conservative ideologues, church going evangelicals, college educated White voters, and suburban women. Collectively, this is the “Midwestern niceness” problem that manifests in Trump’s weakness in places like suburban Milwaukee and Columbus.

5.) I’ve said for months now that the outcome of the general election will hinge on how Trump performs with this swath of the White electorate. Trump will win or lose based on how he does in places like suburban Milwaukee, Des Moines and Philadelphia.

If the reports are accurate, Trump weighed his options and picked Mike Pence to address this weakness. I don’t like the guy who is only known nationally for waffling on Indiana’s religious freedom bill. I can understand his reasoning though. I think it was the right choice and that he could have done a lot worse.