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Harry Potter Infiltrates Skinhead Neo-Nazi Group In New Hollywood Movie


By Hunter Wallace

Just, LOL.

“Daniel Radcliffe has never played it safe. Not when he was Harry Potter, the character who doggedly put himself in harm’s way. And not in his acting career, which kicked off with the bizarre and dark Equus stage play, and has since escalated to include a reanimated corpse in this summer’s super-quirky Swiss Army Man. But Radcliffe is always trying to top his own eccentricities, and his latest release will take him in a more serious direction as an undercover white supremacist.

The movie is called Imperium, and it’s based on a true story: an FBI agent, played by Radcliffe, infiltrates a neo-Nazi terror group. That means that Radcliffe tests out an American accent and a shaved head for the role, which we now have a first look at, thanks to the newly released trailer. …”

Look, I agree that there are violent vanguardists out there who have periodic meltdowns on national television, as we saw last year with Dylann Roof in Charleston, but the notion that the Klan, a small-time Neo-Nazi group, or a bunch of skinheads have the ability to construct a dirty bomb and launch a major terrorist attack, well, that is about as fanciful as Morgan Freeman’s various inventions in the Batman movies.