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Munich Terrorist Attack


By Hunter Wallace

MSNBC was speculating all afternoon that the terrorist attack in Munich this afternoon was the work of a rightwing, Neo-Nazi group:

“MUNICH — A gunman opened fire outside a shopping mall in Munich late on Friday afternoon, killing nine people, wounding 21 and sending Germany’s third-largest city into lockdown as the police scrambled to find what they initially thought were as many as three assailants.

By early Saturday, the authorities said the attack was probably the work of a single gunman, an 18-year-old German of Iranian descent who they said held both German and Iranian citizenship.

The body of the presumed gunman, whose name was not immediately made public, was found less than a mile from the mall with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, officials said. …”

Uh oh.

It was an Iranian dual citizen who gunned down German children in Munich. This comes only several days after the axe-wielding Afghan refugee terrorist in Würzburg, which is also in Bavaria, pledged allegiance to ISIS. Surely, this latest terrorist will be recast as a Neo-Nazi villain whenever the movie comes out, and Angela Merkel as Churchill for throwing Germans in prison for “Islamophobic” Facebook posts.

Note: Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and the Mainstream Media spent the morning panning Trump’s “dark” acceptance speech. It is worth noting here that Hillary is running to be our Angela Merkel and has promised open borders and a 550% increase in Syrian refugees.