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Top 10 Reasons There Will Never Be A Black Ethnostate


By Hunter Wallace

I’ve been asked to share my thoughts on the notion put forward by the New Black Panther Party that there will be a mass migration of blacks to the Deep South where they will form their own independent black homeland:

“Babu Omowale, the so-called national minister of defense for the People’s New Black Panther Party, says his group and allied organizations have their sights set on establishing “our own government in a nation within a nation.”

Omowale was speaking in an interview set to air Sunday night on this reporter’s talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and News Talk 990 AM in Philadelphia.

Omowale used the interview to claim five states as belonging to the “Black Nation”: Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia.

The revolutionary stated: “We just need to start migrating back to those states and taking control of the economics in those states. If black people move in, most definitely white people will move out. So it’s not a hard process for us to have our own country within a country.” …”

Here is why it will never happen:

1.) Haiti and Liberia – In the early 19th century, the American Colonization Society created Liberia as a colony for the free black population. From the outset, there was strong black resistance to colonization, and the abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison credited the black abolitionist David Walker for turning him against the idea. Liberia failed as a solution to the Negro Question before and after the War Between the States because so few free blacks were willing to voluntarily settle there.

After Haiti won its independence in 1804, several Haitian presidents were taken with the idea of offering land and citizenship to free blacks in the United States. After all, why would free blacks want to stay in the United States and live under racism and white supremacy when they could relocate to Haiti and put their skilled labor and capital to use in building the Black Republic, the beacon of freedom to black people around the world?

A handful of free blacks from the United States did settle in Haiti. Most of them returned to the United States because living under white supremacy in 19th century America was preferable to living under what has made Haiti into Haiti.

2.) Ghana – Ghana, a country in West Africa, was granted its independence by Britain in 1957. Millions of American blacks are descendants of slaves who were brought to North America from the Gold Coast. Independent Ghana has spent decades offering citizenship and various other incentives to American blacks to return to the Fatherland. As with Haiti, Ghana sees American blacks as a potential source of skilled labor and capital.

Ghana, Haiti, Liberia and several other African nations are already offering American blacks the chance to migrate to ready-made ethnostates. Many of these African countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo have at various times adopted Afrocentrism as a state policy. In Mobutu’s Congo, for example, the Congolese were required to adopt “authentic” African names and wear “authentic” African dress for several decades.

Whether it was Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana or Mobutu Sese Seko’s Congo, these African nations haven’t attracted even a trickle of black immigrants from the United States. The outflow in the opposite direction has been vastly greater.

3.) African Immigrants – Many of you have probably heard the soundbyte that African immigrants are among the most highly educated immigrant populations in the US and Europe. There is a kernal of truth to this.

There is a reason that African immigrants are so unusually highly educated: African students who come to Europe and the US on student visas don’t want to go home after graduation. That is why they stay in college and pursue multiple degrees into their 30s and 40s. They would rather live under “white privilege” and rail against non-existent slavery and colonialism than return home to their now decolonized homelands.

More African immigrants have immigrated to the US since 1965 than were brought here involuntarily during the slave trade. Most of sub-Saharan Africa would already be here if immigrating to the US was as easy as crossing the Mexican border. The only reason Haiti hasn’t immigrated here en masse is because the US Coast Guard under George H.W. Bush adopted a policy that prevents them from doing so. Europe is fortunate to have the Sahara Desert as a geographic barrier to African illegal immigration.

4.) The Mississippi Delta and Alabama Black Belt – Anyone who believes that blacks are capable of moving en masse to the Deep South and carving out an ethnostate in this region should first take a tour of the Mississippi Delta and the Alabama Black Belt. Specifically, you should start your voyage in Memphis and drive down US 61 South through the Mississippi Delta to Natchez. Just take in the view.

There are now more blacks in Chicago than Mississippi. We live in a country of great roads, great welfare, and cheap transportation by bus. Blacks will take advantage of those roads to emigrate from any area in which the demographics tilt too far away from the White majority. Like the Mississippi Delta, the Alabama Black Belt is similarly a vast, overwhelmingly rural, depopulated wasteland of ghost towns and pine trees.

The Black Panthers were started in Lowndes County, AL in the 1960s. The black population has controlled “Bloody Lowndes” since the 1970s. The Selma-to-Montgomery March took place largely in Lowndes County. Drive from Selma to Montgomery today along the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail and you will see nothing but cow pastures, litter, and abandoned buildings.

5.) Black Farmers – So black nationalists are going to move to the rural South, become farmers, and create the Republic of New Afrika in this area? The only “black farmers” around here are running a scam on the USDA. This is nothing more than romantic nonsense. White farmers own virtually all the land in this area. Nationwide, around 1 percent of farmers and ranchers are black.

6.) The Mythical Great Migration – Contrary to the media hype, blacks are not moving back en masse to the Deep South. Around 54 percent of the black population in the United States lives in the South. The regional distribution of the black population has barely changed. The real movement of the black population is still from the countryside to urban areas. Blacks overwhelmingly live in our cities.

It is true that some blacks have moved from the North to the South in recent decades. This isn’t a racial phenomena though. Black retired public employees have moved to Florida, but this mirrors the larger migration of White Northern snowbirds to Florida. Lots of blacks have moved to the Atlanta area in particular, but this mirrors the larger migration of job seeking Whites from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt.

7.) Detroit – Detroit reveals how once blacks have taken over a large urban area and thrown the racial balance out of whack that the city will start to shrink and the black population will start to abandon the area. This is what we see in Haiti, the Mississippi Delta, and the Alabama Black Belt. Once blacks are ensconced in power, they foul their own nest and drive out their own population.

8.) In Search of Whitopias – Why are there so many blacks in far flung places like Oakland, Detroit, and Philadelphia? Because blacks abandoned the rural South in search of industrial jobs. Why are there so many blacks from the Caribbean in Canada and Britain? Because blacks left their own countries like Trinidad and Jamaica, not to move to Ethiopia as the Garveyites would have them do, but to live in White areas.

9.) Integration – I don’t have the data at hand, but from what I have read in the social sciences literature, blacks overwhelmingly say they prefer to live in mixed areas. Their ideal community is majority White, but just barely. It is Whites who don’t want to live among blacks. Blacks want to live among Whites in order to enjoy all the perks of White civilization while minimizing the dysfunction in their own communities.

10.) White Civilization – The ultimate reason why a black ethnostate will never happen is because blacks lack the capacity to create or sustain anything approaching the White standard of civilization. They want to live in and enjoy the benefits of White civilization. That’s why the flock to our cities which are the centers of our civilization. Yet they resent White people because they are incapable of matching our accomplishments and their failure to do so – specifically, the inequality that inevitably results from being black and living in a White Man’s Country – constantly reminds them of their status.

Contrary to what militant black nationalists say, the black population doesn’t want separation. A push for a black ethnostate will never gain traction because blacks just don’t want it and have never wanted it. They don’t want to migrate to live in a rural, overwhelmingly black and impoverished area like the Mississippi Delta. There is no incentive for them to secede from a society that coddles them, which worships them, which hangs on their every word, and which sustains virtually all of their communities from Tuskegee, AL to Detroit, MI with redistributed welfare from White taxpayers.

There are various blacks ethnostates in Africa and the Caribbean. They were mostly creations of Europeans who granted distant populations their independence. Force is required to stop a mass exodus of blacks from Africa and the Caribbean to the Occident. Similarly, force would be required to create a black ethnostate in the United States. Nothing short of rounding them all up, concentrating them in one geographic area, building a massive wall around it and maintaining eternal vigilance would ever keep them there.

In such a scenario, forming “alliances” with militant black nationalists would be useless. They don’t have any real following in the black community which knows their ideas are preposterous, impractical, and contrary to their interests. These groups are mostly gathering points for embittered rejects like Micah X. who hate White people and wish to do us harm. We’re better off not being associated with them.