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Outsiders Victorious In Republican Primaries


By Hunter Wallace

Is it a sign of things to come?

1.) In Kansas, Rep. Tim Huelskamp went down in flames tonight. Huelskamp was a “Tea Party” congressman and #TruConservative with four adopted black children to prove it. He was endorsed by Ted Cruz and was supported by the Club for Growth. Huelskamp had attacked Trump over his positions on trade and immigration and mused that he couldn’t vote for him in November.

In the debates, Huelskamp and his victorious opponent Roger Marshall had squared off on Trump, with Marshall vowing to “support the president and work with him to get things done” and Huelskamp saying in response, “One thing to know about Tim Huelskamp is I have conservative principles, and I’m going to stand on those conservative principles. If you don’t have conservative principles, I will work against you.”

2.) In Missouri, Eric Greitens won the Republican gubernatorial primary. I don’t know much about this race except that Dana Loesch and Chris Loesch were supporting Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder. Check out this campaign ad by Greitens below. It is reminiscent of Dale Peterson’s ads in Alabama.

Anyway, Huelskamp’s loss and Greitens’ victory suggests that voters are in a foul mood and change is in the air. It is worth noting here that Paul Ryan’s primary is coming up on August 9th in Wisconsin. His challenger Paul Nehlen has been running on an outspoken nationalist platform. Also, John McCain’s primary is coming up in Arizona on August 30th, and his challenger Kelli Ward looks interesting.

Note: We can now return to The Narrative in the media that Trump’s campaign is a “dumpster fire” and everything is fine with #TruConservatism.