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Paul Ryan Wins His Primary Race


By Hunter Wallace

Paul Nehlen, you lost tonight, but you shall ride eternal, shiny and chrome:

“JANESVILLE, Wis. — House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) reveled in the aftermath of his commanding and expected primary victory Tuesday against Paul Nehlen, a Donald Trump-inspired opponent, by ordering cheese curds and beer for his supporters.

But Ryan’s celebration will be brief, with the skirmish only the latest in this tempest of a year for a Republican Party churning between Ryan’s traditional conservatism and Trump’s flaring populism. …”

I’m not surprised. I expected this for three reasons:

1.) First, I believe in the polls. I vividly recall what happened to Mitt Romney in 2012 and the fiasco of “unskewing the polls.”

2.) Second, Paul’s Ryan’s congressional district was the coolest place toward Donald Trump in the entire country outside of Utah.

3.) Third, Cruz beat Trump by almost 40 points in Waukesha County in the Wisconsin primary, and if Trump couldn’t prevail over Cruz there, I seriously doubted that Nehlen would prevail over Ryan.

So, tonight’s result was pretty much what I everyone expected outside of a few of the cheerleaders at Breitbart. It was worth taking a shot at Paul Ryan, and we should always support the nationalist, but it was always an outside shot.

Note: Paul Ryan’s district is only R+2. If the election goes badly for Trump, the Democrat will have a very good shot at beating him there. Ryan losing reelection would force the House to choose a new Speaker who would be far less likely to work with Hillary in 2017 to pass amnesty and TPP.