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Recent Foiled ISIS Terrorist Plots


By Hunter Wallace

In Ontario, Canada:

“An ISIS fanatic is dead after Canada’s national police force thwarted an alleged suicide bomb plot in Ontario.

Aaron Driver, 23, had planned to carry out a suicide bombing mission in a public area during rush-hour but was killed during a confrontation with police in a house in Strathroy, a senior police official said on Wednesday night. …”

In Washington, DC:

“For seven years, while Nicholas Young patrolled the Washington area’s Metro system as a transit police officer, other law enforcement agents were watching him.

In those years, authorities say, he threatened FBI agents, gave advice to suspected terrorists and mused about joining the Islamic State. But it was not until last week that federal agents concluded that Young, 36, of Fairfax, Va., had committed the crime of attempting to support a terrorist organization. He was arrested at Metro Transit Police headquarters Wednesday and terminated; he appeared in court still wearing part of his patrol uniform. The arrest marks the first time a U.S. law enforcement officer has been accused of trying to aid a terrorist group. …”

In Charlotte, NC:

“A man who had lived in Charlotte about a month was arrested Thursday, accused of trying to recruit domestic terrorists for the Islamic State group and claiming to be planning a secret training camp on U.S. soil.

Erick Jamal Hendricks, 35, used social media networks to contact and recruit Americans for the cause of the Islamic State, also known as IS, ISIS and ISIL, federal authorities said, and he appeared to have ties to a 2015 attack at a Texas event mocking pictures of the prophet Muhammad. …”

In France:

“A teenage girl, described as “very radicalised”, was arrested after being spotted by French anti-terrorism investigators making “disturbing” comments on the messenger service ‘Telegram’.

The sixteen year old was arrested on suspicion of preparing to carry out an attack on French soil. She was charged with “criminal association in relation to a criminal terrorist enterprise” and “incitement to the commission of terrorist acts by an online communication tool”, and remanded in custody, Le Figaro reports. …”

In Germany:

“With his arm around his teenage fiancee, this is the Syrian asylum seeker pictured days before his arrest accused of plotting to blow up a football stadium full of fans in Germany.

Khaled H was arrested last Friday when heavily armed SEK police commandos stormed the apartment of his 15-year-old fiancee’s parents in the the town of Mutterstadt.

It is believed the 24-year-old left Syria last April and claimed asylum in Germany having travelled through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. …”

In The Netherlands:

“Police officers were forced to shoot down a knife wielding man who terrified shoppers with shouts of ‘Allah Akbar.’

The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon in Spijkenisse, a commuter-town close to the city of Rotterdam in the west of the Netherlands.

The police spotted a local man, 35, close to the central metro station of Spijkenisse who made wild movements with a butcher’s knife. …”

Give the multiculturalists some credit: they’ve succeeded in jazzing up bland, boring, whitebread countries like Canada and the Netherlands.

In the above cases, I count at least one Syrian asylum seeker, a Canadian White boy, and an American born negro. The DC Metro cop also appears to be White. This is a reminder that the terrorist threat doesn’t just come from immigrants and refugees. Once Islam is allowed to take root in an area, it spreads like a virus among the native born as well.