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Stronger Together: Orlando Terrorist Omar Mateen’s Father Attends Hillary Clinton Rally


By Hunter Wallace

Seddique Mateen, the interim president of Afghanistan, strong supporter of the Taliban (which recently joined forces with ISIS), and one of the Fathers of the Movement (ISIS jihadists) showed up at the Hillary Clinton rally last night in Kissimmee, FL to proudly announce #ImWithHer:

“The Pulse nightclub shooter’s father attended Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s rally in Kissimmee Monday night.

Cameras captured Seddique Mateen, Omar Mateen’s father, standing in the crowd. He later told a reporter for WPTV, a Palm Beach-based NBC affiliate, that he wanted to attend the rally as a member of the public and a Clinton supporter.

“Why should they be surprised? I love the United States, and I’ve been living here a long time,” Mateen said.

The Clinton campaign said that the rally was a 3,000-person, open-door event for the public. …”

Why does Seddique Mateen believe we are “Stronger Together”?


If it were not for the immigration and refugee policies supported by Hillary Clinton, the Mateens would have never been able to come to the United States in the first place. Among other things, “Stronger Together” in practice means 9/11, Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston, Chattanooga, Nice, Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan in Paris. It means waking up every 84 hours to the news of the latest ISIS terrorist attack.