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Texas Secessionists Gaining Momentum


By Hunter Wallace

If Hillary wins in November, it could be a watershed moment for Texas secessionists:

“Fortunately for Unionists, a clear majority of 59 percent of Texans said they’d rather stick with the Stars and Stripes, while just 26 percent said they wouldn’t. But that number dropped when the pollsters followed up by asking whether voters would support secession if Clinton won the election. Forty percent said they would, including 61 percent of Trump supporters. (While PPP is run by Democrats, it has a solid grade in FiveThirtyEight’s pollster accuracy ratings. …”

I’ve long believed the Trump campaign has been nothing but an unalloyed good.

Some of my Southern Nationalist friends have disagreed this assessment. I think it is a case of missing the forest for the trees. In between 65% of Whites being ready to support a national populist third party and 40% of Texans – including a majority of White Texans – being ready to secede from the Union in the event of a Hillary Clinton victory in November, we are seeing the same the growth of the same movement.

“Make America Great Again” isn’t your usual conservative patriotism based on “values” and “American exceptionalism.” The slogan is based on the perception that America Isn’t Great, that it is rapidly becoming a Third World dystopia, that America under Obama is run by a hostile elite that enforces political correctness, nurtures lawlessness in the streets, and has left the borders open to hostile invaders that want to kill you.

It is a conditional statement. In Texas, we can already see there is no contradiction between supporting Trump and turning on a dime and supporting secession. As national populism spreads into wider swathes of the White electorate, we increasingly share a common language and perspective with these people. We can communicate with them now in a way which we couldn’t before. They react to events more like us now.

National populism is the wellspring out of which White Nationalism, Southern Nationalism, European Nationalism and so forth are growing. Sure, there are important differences, but there is a common ideological root. Just as Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaigns in the 1990s sowed the seeds that sprouted through the 2000s into Trump’s campaign, this campaign will have a similar long term effect regardless of the outcome.