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Trump Focuses on Economy, Terrorism, and Law-and-Order In Big Policy Speeches


By Hunter Wallace

In all three speeches, Trump’s has tried to get back on message and signal to the White middle class suburbanites who are sinking his campaign:

1.) In the economy speech, he talked about how he was going to lower their taxes, cut regulations, repeal Obamacare, and open up our energy resources. All of this was red meat for a certain type of White conservative who lives in the suburbs and is standard fare in any Republican presidential campaign.

2.) In the terrorism speech, he recounted the litany of recent terrorist attacks, and he made a point to soften the Muslim ban, again, by defining “extreme vetting” as an ideological litmus test which will be used in conjunction with banning immigration from problematic regions. It would be much easier to simply ban Muslims from coming here, but that also causes too much heartburn for White middle class suburban conservatives.

3.) In the law-and-order speech, he talked about how he wanted to win over blacks by promising to send more police into their neighborhoods. This was the clearest sign yet that Trump was talking to White middle class suburban conservatives, not blacks, who want to empty to the prisons and demonize the cops.

Anyway, I can see the polls and understand why he is doing it. He’s losing all the Rubio and Kasich voters who live in the suburbs. I guess we will see if this works. It seemed to be working through June and July until the Khizr Khan fiasco.