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Will Smith says he wants to cleanse America of Trump supporters


Will Smith with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Smith is a major financial supporter of the Nation of Islam.

Guest Post from Rob Alexander

Once seen as a family friendly actor/rapper, Will Smith is now a hardcore Black Power radical that has given hundreds of thousands to the Nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam teaches that white people are biological “devils” created by an evil wizard. They say Allah will lead the black man in exterminating all white people from the face of the earth.

During a press conference for his new movie in Dubai, he denounce Trump and Trump supporters for “Islamophobia.” He said he wants Trump supporters to be identified and cleansed from America. A thinly veiled threat of mass murder.

He also praised Dubai, an absolute monarchy where Sharia Law is the law of the land. Where 250,000 people are indentured servants from countries like Bangledesh. Human rights groups say the indentured servants live in filthy inhumane conditions.